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Healthy School Lunch

Camden Schools’ Caterers are called ‘Caterlink’ and provide fresh cooked lunch for the chidlren at Edith Neville School.

Our school kitchen offers a choice of hot meals and salads every day. Lunches are fresh cooked in the school’s kitchens and the children are offered a choice of meat and vegetarian main dishes, vegetables, salads and desserts. Halal meat options are provided.  Please click on the attached menu link below, for more details.


 Autumn Term Menu at Edith Neville 


The vast majority of children eat school lunches however, for those children whose Parents prefer them to bring a packed lunch, please ensure it is in a clearly named lunchbox and follows our health packed lunch guidelines. 


We operate a strict healthy packed lunch policy and ask that parents and carers support us in this by providing their children with a healthy and nutritious lunch within the school packed lunch policy.


The school does not permit pupils to have sweets, crisps or fizzy drinks at lunchtimes.  We expect parents/carers to support our efforts in helping children to be healthy. 


For further information please see the attached Healthy Packed Lunch policy or ask a member of staff if you need any advice.


Below is a Case Study of how we have worked with parents to improve any packed lunch that comes into school. 



Improving Packed Lunches at Edith Neville Primary School Camden

A Case Study


Staff at Edith Neville contacted the Health Improvement Team (HIT) due to concerns with the content of pupil’s packed lunches. HIT undertook a packed lunch audit that showed that children were consuming low levels of vegetables and water and high levels of chocolate, sweets and sugary drinks. The majority of the children were having packaged foods and a significant number were having crisps. HIT also noticed that many children were throwing away most of their uneaten lunch.


With support from HIT, staff updated the healthy packed lunch policy and invited parents with children on packed lunches to a focus group to get their views on the policy. After hearing about the rising obesity levels in Camden and what would constitute a balanced diet; parents voted on key points in the policy with a resulting ban on sugary foods or drinks. Further support was offered through a packed lunch workshop attended by 22 parents with their children and a fussy eating workshop attended by 11 parents with their children.


After three months the packed lunch audit was repeated with very positive results. Fruit and vegetable intake had increased, while consumption of sugary drinks, crisps, salted snacks, chocolates and sweets had all fallen. In addition, food wastage fell as staff ensured uneaten food was taken back home in the children’s lunchboxes

 healthy meals chart


The most notable improvements were:


  • An increase in pupil’s vegetable intake from 19% to 56%
  • An increase in fruit intake from 41% to 64%
  • Sugary drink intake decreased from 69% to 5% as the school provided the pupils with water and encouraged parents not to put drinks in the lunch box. The 5% was due to a couple of lunchboxes containing Volvic touch of fruit water which contains added sugar.
  • No children had crisps or salted snacks, a decrease of 31%.
  • Chocolate and sweets reduced from 51% to 8% with the latter being due to yoghurt with chocolate balls or fairy cakes.
  • Food wastage was reduced as staff ensured uneaten food was taken back home in the lunchbox.  


 healthy meals graph


 Table showing Before and After Intervention results in Healthy Packed Lunches.