Edith Neville Primary School

Edith Neville


Extra Curricular Clubs

There are a variety of clubs available to students at Edith Neville School with exciting opportunities for children to explore their interests beyond the classroom.


Clubs Procedure

  • Children attending after school clubs will be registered in the hall at 3:30pm. Club leaders will collect children from there and take them to their activities.
  • After school clubs finish at 4:30pm and parents should arrive at this time to collect their children from the entrance hall.
  • Club leaders will sign children out as they leave and make a note of who collected them.
  • If you are expecting someone different than usual to collect your child from clubs you should inform the school beforehand.


List of Clubs

Breakfast Club: Parents are able to drop their children off at the breakfast club from 8am until 9am every weekday. We ensure that children eat a healthy and filling breakfast to give them energy for the day. 


Football Club: Children will learn a range of skills that will help them improve their footballing technique. They will also play matches against each other and other teams in the football league.


Gymnastics  Breakfast Club: Children will learn lots of new skills which will help with their balance and flexibility. A great way to start the day.


Y1, Y2, Homework Club: Children can get help with their homework, read their reading books, use the laptops and play games. This is a great environment for children to complete their work as there is someone there who can offer help and support.


Somali Breakfast Club: This club is for Somali speakers, it is to improve their reading and writing in Somali. It is open to children from Reception to Year 6.



 Fencing Club: A fantastic new sport and skill to learn and a great way to start the day


Ball Skills Club: Children will learn a wide range of skills that will help them to improve their ball skills. 


Running Club: Children can come and develop their running skills. 




Book Club: Children can come and read their favourite books, as well as join in discussions about characters and stories they have read.