Edith Neville Primary School

Edith Neville


Welcome to Edith Neville Primary School 

We are a friendly, welcoming and inclusive school with high expectations for every child and we work hard in close partnership with our parents and families to do the very best for our children and our community. Our practice is rooted in our belief that all members of the community should be treated with respect and dignity and that everyone has the right to equality of opportunity and is of equal worth. 


Edith Neville is first and foremost a learning environment. We prepare our young people for a happy, confident entry into the world as responsible citizens. We aim to inspire our children to do their very best to achieve academic excellence through helping build confidence and belief in themselves, helping them to become independent, motivated and creative learners and helping them to be reflective and thoughtful people who are able to make good friends and to develop a wide range of interests and skills.


We want our children to come to school every day, happy and excited about their discovery and learning.


 If you would like to know more about Edith Neville Primary School please explore our website, or if would like to visit us, feel free to contact the school office on 020 7387 7158. 




We look forward to welcoming you



Ruby Nasser