Edith Neville Primary School

Edith Neville

The Staff

Staff List for Edith Neville Primary School 2017-18


Staff Member

Leadership Team


Head Teacher  

Ruby Nasser 

Deputy Head Teacher 

Kate Murtagh 

Senior Leadership Team


Family Centre and Community Lead

Amy Hagemann

Leader of Learning Early Years (Phase Leader)

Cera Felice (Maternity Cover)

Leader of Learning Maths (Phase Leader Upper Years 4-6)

Sarah Rahaman

Leader of Learning English (Phase Leader Middle Years 1- 3 ) 

Rachel Law

Leader of Learning Computing & Science 


Class Teaching & Learning Team                      Early Years


Reception Class Teacher 

Claudia Rymer (Maternity Cover)   

Nursery Class Teacher

Cera Felice

Early Years Nursery Nurses

Collette Trimmer

Idil Farah (Maternity cover)

Hanna Choudhury (Maternity leave)

Laura O'Donoghue

Early Years Teaching Assistant 


Amina Khanom


Class Teaching & Learning Team                     Key Stage 1


Year 1 Class Teacher 

Emine Pehlivan

Year 2 Class Teacher

Rachael Law

KS1 Teaching Assistant

Suad Abdullahi

Rulie Naznin

Class Teaching & Learning Team                     Key Stage 2


Year 3 Class Teacher

Rebecca Baxter

Year 4 Class Teacher

Sarah Rahaman

Year 5 Class Teacher 

Qasim Hussain  

Year 6 Class Teacher 

Lyndsay Oldham/Kate Murtagh 

KS2 Teaching Assistants

Mandy Treherne 

Razna Begum

Shanu Bhanu 

Additional Teaching & Learning Team      Key Stage 1 & 2


Intervention Teacher


Intervention Teacher 

Melissa Vani 

Intervention Teacher 

Aoife O'Connor 

Inclusion Team


Inclusion Leader (SENCO)

Sarah Rahaman 

Learning Mentor

Annabelle Ledford-Jobson

Meal Time Supervision


Meal Time Supervisors

Nasma Rahman, Shavi Rahaman, Amina Khanom, Razna Begum, Mandy Treherne, Fathema Begum, Momata Ahmed, Shanu Bhanu, Georgia Rose

Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club Supervisors

Momata Ahmed

Suad Abdullahi

Shavi Rahman 

Chris Bowgett (Get Set for Sports) 

Michael Oduyemi (Get Set for Sports)

Family Centre Staff


Family Centre Lead

Amy Hagemann

Family Support Worker

Laura O’Donaghue

Office and Site Management Team


School Business Manager

Judith Wilkins

Office Administrator

Amanda Wheelan

Office Assistant 

Nicole Williams 

School Site Manager

Victor Barandas 

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