Edith Neville Primary School

Edith Neville

The Governors

The school Governing Body is responsible for working with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that a good quality of education is provided to all of our pupils. They oversee the effectiveness of the school and together with the Headteacher provide strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school. Governors have an important part to play in supporting the school, raising school standards and ensuring that the school fulfils its statutory duties.  


The governing body of Edith Neville School is made up of elected parents, school staff, community governors and nominations from Camden Council. Alongside their commitment to the strategic direction of the school, Governors’ duties include supporting the leadership of the school as critical friend, forming and monitoring policies, determining how the school’s budget is spent and appointing staff.

There are 6 full governing body meetings each year when all governors meet to discuss the work of the school. The Governing Body divides this work into two sub committees and three workgroups.


The Resources committee oversees premises, budget and personnel matters whilst the Curriculum, Community & Inclusion committee oversees the quality of the curriculum, learning and teaching, involvement with the community and the inclusivity of the school. Both committees meet termly and report the progress of their work at the full governing body meetings.  


Further work is completed through three workgroups; the Newbuild workgroup, who focus on the design, development and issues around the building of our long awaited new school; the Communications and partnerships workgroup who are looking at developing ways to further develop and improve our communication and links with our community; the fundraising workgroup who are investigating ways to generate income to support the work of the school and specifically our work with families in the community.



The Governing body give their time freely and willingly as volunteers and are totally committed to the education and well being of the children at Edith Neville Primary School.