Edith Neville Primary School

Edith Neville

School Council Election Results

 In November we held an exciting election for the 2015-2016 School Council. We were lucky to have Kier Stamer, MP for Camden and Larraine Revah, Mayor of Camden join us for the proceedings. The entire process was carried out as though it were a real parliamentary election and the students learnt a lot about democracy.


The previous School Council meet with the Mayor of Camden.


To begin with, nominees from each class produced manifestos in which they describe what they would change if they were elected. We held a hustings in which pupils read their manifesto to the rest of the class to persuade them to vote for them. The Mayor of Camden was invited by the previous School Council to open the elections where she gave an inspiring speech to the school about the importance of democracy.


The previous School Council with the Mayor of Camden.


The elections took place in our school hall which was transformed into a polling station. Students from every class in the school were able to visit the polling station and cast their vote in a booth for both a girl and a boy candidate from their class. Kier Stama, the MP for Camden came into school to announce the winner. He spoke to us about being a Member of Parliament and how the Parliamentary election process works.


Our School Hall became a polling station.


A pupil casts their vote in the polling booth.


A student places their ballot paper in the ballot box, ready to be counted.