Edith Neville Primary School

Edith Neville

Class Newsletters

We believe that it it important for parents to know what their child is learning about in school every week and we appreciate the involvement and support our parents give to their children. To help parents have a clearer sense of this and to ensure parents know what events or activities their child is going to be involved in, Class teachers send home a weekly newsletter every Friday. 


The Newsletter has a summary of any special events or learning that the children have been involved in during the week, it  reminds parents of any forthcoming events, miscellaneous information or issues that may be of interest and identifies what learning the children will need to do for homework. 


The Teachers are very keen to work with you to give the children the very best support they can. Any feedback you would like to give about the information provided or the homework set for your child is welcomed,  we are always looking for ways to improve our parental links and communication. Teachers are very happy to meet with parents after school and a mutually convenient time can be arranged with the teacher when you drop your child off in the morning or collect them at the end of the day.



Class Newsletters are found in the corresponding year group tabs attached to this section.