Edith Neville Primary School

Edith Neville

Starting School

Each day it is important that children are 'School Ready', arriving in good time after having had a restful night's sleep and a healthy, nutritious breakfast. That they are wearing the correct school uniform and have the correct equipment for the day ahead; Reading Book, School Rucksack, PE Kit, Track suit or Swimming kit (Y3,4,5,6 depending on their class timetable). If children start the day in a calm, happy and positive way, they are much more likely to be receptive to new learning, problem solving and to working hard.


What can you do to prepare your child for starting Nursery or Reception at Edith Neville School?

Children who start the school in the Nursery or Reception class will be involved in our carefully planned transition activities which will involve a home visit, a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and a carefully planned phased start at the school. This is to ensure your child has as happy and confident a start to school life as possible.


You and your child will have an opportunity to meet their new teacher and other staff in the classroom. Then we will come and visit you at home to try and help put your child at ease with the adults in their own familiar setting. A home visit by the teacher, is a great way to help your child gain confidence with new adults before they start school. We also like to complete a ‘child friendly’ questionnaire and discuss the 'Unique Child' form so that we can prepare and help make your child’s first days at school positive and happy.


We plan a phased start to the school in September, so that bit by bit your child gains confidence. Every child is different and so the class teacher will work with you to agree at what time and for how long you should leave your child on a daily basis, gradually  building them up to a full school day.


We hold a parents' briefing at the start of the year every year to allow class teachers to explain what the children will be learning, their routines and timetables and give parents time to ask any questions, then we meet with parents again after the half term to let you know more specifically how they are settling in.


Becoming more independent is a very important part of growing up and coming to school and there are a number of things that you can do to develop your child's independence and support their learning before they start with us. These include helping them so that they can:


  • Put on their coat and do up the buttons/zip
  • Use the toilet properly, flush after use and wash their hands
  • Take care of personal possessions and respect those of others
  • Be responsible for tidying up
  • Be able to eat lunch independently
  • Take turns and share
  • Talk to an adult about what they are thinking or doing


If we can work together as a team to help settle your child their first experiences of school with be so much more pleasant and enjoyable.